noun: spaz; noun: spazz; plural noun: spazzes.
  1.  short for spastic.


verb: spaz; verb: spazz; 3rd person present: spazzes; past tense: spazzed; past participle: spazzed; gerund or present participle: spazzing.

  1. lose physical or emotional control
  2. “he offered a post-game assessment: “I spazzed out real bad.””
  3. From spastic, the disability. Means a person that acts insane or mentally retarded.


Spazzing. As usual, being a kpop fan, it is common to you that you need to be updated unless you you will miss 10 comeback, 23 mv’s, 46 teasers and etc. haha, just joking.

In this world of modern technology, you will just browse to google your bias group then – poof, you can be able to see your love of your life, haha.

Spazzing is like creating a dummy account or your real account on facebook and then posting a updates about your biased group, Everything that they do.


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