Every time it’s raining, I’am getting this sentimental feeling that I don’t wanna feel. I don’t know why, or maybe my grandmother don’t allow me to play in the rain like my cousins use to do. I don’t remember having a happy expreiences in the rain aside from watching my cousins and the children playing and bathing in the rain. I remember their happy faces while playing. I wish I can feel that too.

In my early highschool days, I do have a boyfriend that everytime I’am going home or going to school, we will go together. One afternoon, we caught in the rain, I have an umbrella but his. So he gave up to me my umbrella then he walk on his own not having an umbrella. After that he buy 2 umbrella for me and for himself he told me that, that umbrella symbolizes him, so that everytime I carry that umbrella, I will remember him. And that umbrella will protect me in sunlight or in even on rain. 

But then we part ways because my mother didn’t know that I have a boyfriend. My boyfriend talk to me and he said that it is better if we part ways because I can focus more in my studies. I salute him for setting me free even if that cause his—our happiness.

Now, I’am happy when it’s raining, haha. Because that may cause suspension of classes 😄


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