When The Sun Sets..

I want to share this to all of you guys. We have a film making in Personal Development. All of us are agitated because it is our first time to make a film in senior high school. To be honest, I forgot how long I been on editing. And I think I forget how to edit now, haha. 

Moving on, So Ms. Marycris, our teacher on PD group us into four groups. My members are Zaldivar, Ysabelle, Michaella, Nullar, Jubee, Bullet, Cabanero, Gime and Llanes. At first I think that our group don’t have a hope. Because we don’t have a groupmate that is born to be a leader, hahaha, like Danan, Ely, Mary Joy, or like Jake. It’s like that they will just rely to someone who will gonna be the lead. 

I don’t like to be a leader at first but if I did not lead our group maybe nothing will happen to our film. So after that, we do script writing and shootings, because Ms. Manalo told us that the first one who will be done on making or who will be the first one to pass our project will have a plus 10 or 5 points, I’am not sure. 

I was so happy because even if that shooting is not what I’ve expect, the bonding that we get through is spontaneous. 

(From left to right & up to bottom: Nullar, Michaella, Jubee, Zaldivar, Ysabelle, me, Cabanero, Llanes, Bullet)

This is some of our previews in our film:

This is how we shoot:

I’am so amaze how cooperative my groupmates are. Thanks for them because, because of them they give me so many experiences that I have not experience before. Thank you Group 4. 


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