Unknown self

My 16 years of existence in this planet, but I don’t have any idea what my goals in life is. I tried to do Math, I tried to do everything. I liked computer subjects that’s why I took the strand STEM but everyday I’am asking myself “Is this the path I want to go to?” I doubted myself or maybe that is what my best friend like to go to, so I go with her? I don’t know either. Before I think that it’s okay, not knowing what your goals because I think I’am young to think about it but now, I don’t think I’am not young anymore to think about my goals and what is my future to be like.

Everytime that our teachers ask us what we want to be in the future, Iam jealous that my classmates talkin about how they want to be an architect, to be a doctor, to be an engineer or to be an animator. This feelings sucks. I wanted to took up Information Technology but I don’t know what job I am going to apply someday. Yeah, the struggle is real. If you think that it is not a problem, well this month our University will going to held a so-called-job-interview, it is just like a preparation for when we graduate in Senior High School. I’am nervous of what its going to look like. Aaarghh. I don’t know what job I’am going to apply. I’m so sad.


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