not just a section

Teamwork makes the dream work — 방탄소년단

In order to be done a task or activity you should cooperate so that the task will be pass on time. Well that’s STEM 11 Dash 2. ‘One for all, All for one’. Even though we have differences, we always do what is right. Even some of classmates were so stubborn! Yay. At first we are all adjusting because we see different faces that is not what we use to. 

There are times that we are shouting and screaming just to explain what are their point. There are also times that we all hate each other because of their naughtiness, or because they are not listening when someone is announcing and stuff. Some times they just care for themselves. I think that is natural because we are all adjusting to the new environment that we are through. 

First day of school its like we are all have a own worlds. Some of my classmates are talking loudly. Because some of them are schoolmates or classmates to their former school. I and my bestfriend Cyril is just quietly listening to their topics. Some of my first impression to my classmates are not approachable, inteligent, conceited, boastful, etc. 

But as the time goes by we can see our true colors now. Even if they are so intelligent they are so approachable, especially Mary Joy and Joanna. They are the two person that I and my best friend got quickly close to.

I’am happy that God, introduced us to them or vice versa, because even in some things we are not the same or we have different vision in life. We have some similarities on some things. Haha.
Anyway, I’ve like to thank all of our teachers who keeps on teaching us, even if some of my classmates are not listening. Their determination to teach us gives us inspiration to have or push for our goals and carrers. I’ve learn that even if you stumble in your way or path, you should stand up and continue the way to greatness. And to go in the right path. To success.


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